Conrock Software Ltd

Conrock Software Ltd is a company that has been around since 1991 and has delivered concrete lab applications to users throughout Sweden. We invest in good products and a professional and serious manner to treat you as a customer.

Support and always being there for the customer is key in our business strategy and we are concentrating our efforts on providing our customers with the best service and support in all positions.

Conrock Software Ltd develops all of its programs with the most widely used spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel and Access database. Excel versions 2007 and later, new menus and toolbars so-called Ribbon. Conrock programs are developed with the latest menus. Ribbon adapted to each program section in the programs. This means that you get a better overview and thus easier use of the programs. The programs are also developed in earlier versions of Excel including Version 2003. These versions will be provided to continue and gradually flattened out and replaced with newer versions.