LabCon 5

LabCon 5 is a computer program for calculating and printing term protocols for concrete aggregates and proportioning of concrete.LabCon 5 är ett dataprogram för beräkning och utskrift av siktprotokoll för betongballast samt proportionering av betong.



Aggregates form for entering results sifting alternative input visibility from gravel supplier. Graphic display with limits for minimum and maximum. Mixed Aggregates ready-made form with a graphical display in the mixing of several gravel materials.Aggregatet journal for storing term curves.



Proportioning of aggregates with the graphical display of complex aggregates curves. Concrete Proportioning of formulas with Alexandersson's method. Recipe Bank for storing recipes. Selfcompacting concrete by calculating the blocking limit. Watertight Control of BBK's requirements. Watertight Journal. Asphalt Concrete for calculating the optimum moisture content. Calculation and display of  minimum  and average result and standard deviation.


Aggregate Report
Mixed Aggregate Report
Composite Aggregate Report