LabCon EN 206

LabCon EN 206-1 is a computer program for the evaluation of concrete strength and various criteria such as vct, texture and air.


Company Details

All company data is stored after you've added them from the beginning. When updating the software downloaded saved data on business data and control agency.


Recipe Databank

All recipes with specific data stored in the program and in an Access database from which data is retrieved if necessary.


Journal Enlarge sample results

Performed by opening a dialogue and in the selection of factory and recipe number to retrieve all previously posted values for each recipe. In practice, one need only specify vct and measured consistency. Other data retrieved automatically.


Translation of not wet stored samples

Not wet stored samples converted to wet stored by a factor of 0.92 with a single keystroke. In cases where wet storing samples is the conversion factor to 1.0. While the translation is controlled test if it meets the requirements that exist.


Evaluation of concrete families

Evaluation of concrete families is done by have formed families with appropriate mix of different recipes which have appointed a reference concrete for the family. At initial production requires 36 samples to evaluate which translated to apply to 35 samples. This is done at an early stage. Achieves demanded requirements, you have to have at least 15 samples at each evaluation time. One condition is that there be at least 35 samples per period of twelve months from each of the concrete family. The sample shall be collected over the entire width of the concrete compositions of the family. All this according to the European standard for concrete that apply today.


Evaluation of the individual concrete compositions

Evaluation of individual concrete compositions used in cases where the odd concrete compositions or where it has concluded that it is appropriate to evaluate these as individual concrete compositions.


Testing of cubes as cylinders

The program is flexible where you can set as default on the cube- or cylinder pressure testing.


 Testing in the finished structure

Testing of cylinders from the finished structure is performed based on the rules applicable to the testing of the finished structure.


Checking the pressure test date

Checking the pressure test date for uploads samples performed each time you open the program. This facilitates monitoring and alerts in advance of an imminent concrete pressure testing.


Quick Evaluation of data as standard deviation, mean and number of samples

By filtering the intended data so you can easily and quickly keep up with the data above. You can see immediately if a change is underway for a particular recipe or strength class.


Conformity assessment of consistency, water-cement ratio and air

Assessment is carried out by dialogue or filtering. The program calculates if it meets the criteria set out in Table 19a and 19b.


Create reports

Report for the evaluation of conformity created and printed as needed. This applies to individual concrete compositions as families. Report for compliance for consistency, water-cement ratio and air is created for each criteria. A customized test report created for hardened concrete, including sample number, date, prescription number, strength class, test scores, delivery and note number. Otherwise specified object/ work and testing age.


Convert recipes, strength classes and concrete families

If you change a recipe in the recipe bank or put an individual prescription to an existing concrete family used this function as a smooth change all the required data. It opens a dialog and select recipes or family for conversion.


Evaluation concrete family
Evaluation of 19a and 19b.
Test report with concrete data.