Service and warranty

When you buy Conrock software, you have 1 year of free service and phone support during the daytime. When the warranty is over, you can subscribe for continued service annually.

What is covered by the service contract?

Update Service allows you spontaneously once a year, a new version of the software. This version contains the changes that have been added during the year. Telephone service includes free telephone help with the software.

What if I need help?

.. But no service? Of course we'll be happy even if you do not have a valid service contract. We charge current when the current rate. Minimum billing time is 30 minutes.

New rules

... Affect your company's way of working based on regulatory requirements as own quality assurance program. We adapt all the time software for new rules that come into effect, such changes according SWEDISH STANDARD SS 13 70 03 and SS-EN 206. Consider us as an investment in your own time where it's reassuring to be able to call us and get a quick response....

Telephone support: +46(0)923-224 51, +46(0)706-76 28 32

Fax number of support: +46(0)923-224 51

E-mail of support :